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April 24, 2019 presentation to Arlington Chamber of Commerce.
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    Keystone Computer LLC Arlington Chamber of Commerce listing

We specialize in the design, implementation and maintenance of high-quality, high-value systems and networks for businesses and homes.

    Service/Maintenance Contract: Avoid disasters, expensive repairs and down time with preventive maintenance. Applying industry-standard best practices, Keystone can keep your operation on the right track and keep your systems up and running. With a combination of remote monitoring and site visits, Keystone will:
    • Download and apply the latest system, application and anti-virus updates and patches.
    • Respond appropriately to errors and alerts reported in the system logs.
    • Insure that backups are happening as they are supposed to and files can be restored from backup media.
    • Deal with non-urgent support needs of users.
    • Discounted Service/Maintenance Contract Rates: 15%-off our posted hourly service rates.

    Implementation & Conversion: With new equipment, new software and new network services, there usually come implementations and conversions: getting new machines set up and configured; software installed, updated and patched; data migrated; business processes re-engineered; and personnel trained. You and your staff have full-time jobs. Let Keystone get your new hardware and software running and your staff productive as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    • Typical Costs: $260 per computer to update and patch installed software and migrate data and settings (network & email) from another computer.
    • Rates: $130/hour ($195/hour at commercial-client site or $160/hour at residential-client site).

    Troubleshooting & Repair: Something's wrong. You cannot get to the Internet. There's a strange noise. Your computer is slow. You are getting an error when you try to do something. Whatever the problem, be it hardware, software or a user problem, Keystone can help identify it and fix it; quickly and cost-effectively.
    • Typical Costs: $85 to diagnose the problem with a single computer and provide an estimate for the cost to repair the problem. If the repair is then authorized, the diagnosis charge is waived.
    • Repair Rates: $130/hour plus parts ($195/hour at commercial-client site or $160/hour at residential-client site)

    Data Recovery: Your data, documents, files, emails, photos, music and/or videos have gone AWOL. For whatever reason, they are no longer accessible. Your hardware, software and network may be out-of-service as well. This could be a disaster, and you need to get your systems operational ASAP.
    • Typical Costs: $520 to recover your data from a working hard drive, wipe the disk clean, reload the operating system and applications, update and patch the O/S and applications, and restore your data files.
    • Disaster Recovery Rates: $130/hour ($195/hour at commercial-client site or $160/hour at residential-client site) during normal business hours. 50% premium on rates outside normal business hours.

    Procurement: You want to buy the equipment you need to expand your office or to provide your child for college. But you do not know what to buy. Let Keystone's experts help identify all the functional specs you want and translate them into the technical specs of the equipment you should buy. Keystone can be independent of manufacturers and vendors so you can get just the right solutions (equipment and software) for your needs.
    • Typical Costs: $130 per machine spec.
    • Rates: $130/hour ($195/hour at commercial-client site or $160/hour at residential-client site).

    Custom-Built System: We also can custom build a machine to your unique needs and deliver the personal support you can only get from a local specialist. Whether it is one computer you need, or a complex systems upgrade, Keystone is on your side.
    • Cost varies, depending on system specs, software and peripherals. Quality and service do not.

    Office Hours: Clients can always reach us by phone, at any time. The office and workshop are generally staffed and open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM until 5:15 PM, except holidays. Appointments are not necessary, however it is advisable to phone first as sometimes everyone is out on call (we make office-calls and house-calls).


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