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    The "Cloud" is on everyone's to-do list. But what is it and whose Cloud services do you want/need?

    The Cloud is another word for outsourcing. Outsourcing has a bad odor while the Cloud still smells and sounds heavenly. Like outsourcing, the Cloud has its advantages and uses, and problems.

    The pros and cons are:

    • You can leverage the investments and technical capabilities of leading technology companies. You don't need the capital, technical and managerial resources to innovate and keep up with the early adopters who are your customers and/or competitors.
    • Buying the Cloud is mostly a leap of faith. There is very little transparency offered by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple et al. To a large degree, buyers are locked-in to a service provider. It may be very hard to switch from the Microsoft Cloud to the Google Cloud, for example.
    • Unless you provide leadership and direction, your employees will buy and implement cloud services on their own. Then you could end up with the company's data spread around on Office 365, iCloud, Dropbox, Google,... Good luck trying to find and secure the data. Good luck when users need to collaborate on documents/data which is spread among different cloud silos.

    The mind boggles when the Cloud is considered. Keystone Computer can help you identify and evaluate the alternatives to make the right choice for your organization. Contact us to get started.


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