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Sensors Everywhere

Reasonably priced sensing devices are increasingly available. Cameras, thermocouples, water-flow meters, RFID readers, carbon monoxide detectors, et al. can be deployed to monitor systems and conditions.

Edge Computing

With sensors deployed to detect threats to and anomalies in systems and premises, these can be regarded as the "edge" of your defences. As sensor data increases, it becomes necessary and/or valuable to process these data close to the edge, so that alerts, alarms, locks, et al. can be programmed to respond quickly when conditions arise. Edge computers do not need to be sophisticated and expensive. Microprocessors on simple, inexpensive boards are all that are needed.

Security Considerations

Even though they have limited computing capabilities, edge computers and certain sensors have may have capabilities to cause problems if they get hacked and infected with malware. Patching security vulnerabilities on IOT devices needs to be part of routine systems maintenance procedures.

Moving Forward...

It takes time, effort and skills to design, implement, install, use and maintain IOT networks. Keystone Computer can help you with every step in the process. Contact us to get started.


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